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Enterprise Solution Pack

Deploy and Protect with Two-factor Authentication

Enterprise Solution Pack

SafeWord 2008's Enterprise Solution Pack (ESP) is an add-on software package to SafeWord 2008 that includes tools and services to increase an organization's productivity, security and regulatory compliance. ESP allows users to deploy and protect more applications and lowers the overall total cost of ownership through tools that make the job of deploying two-factor authentication simple for your administrators and users.

Enterprise Solution Pack enables the following tools:

  • User self-help and enrollment
  • SafeWord Management Console - when you don't want to manage all or a portion of users in Active Directory

User Self-help and Enrollment
The SafeWord 2008 User Center saves significant time and money by enabling users to help themselves via a simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy web application. From any browser, without a call to the help desk or system administrator, users can enroll themselves and their tokens, reset their own PINs and test their tokens for correct operation.

Management Console
SafeWord 2008's Management Console provides enterprise wide management of users, tokens and access rights as well as event logging and reporting.

Windows Domain Login, Terminal Services and Remote Desktop
Use SafeWord two factor authentication to protect internal Windows resources. The Enterprise Solution Pack protects users desktop logins to Windows domain resources, Windows Terminal Services and Windows Remote Desktop.

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Network Perimeter Support:

  • Windows Terminal Services
  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • Windows domain authentication
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  • Deploy and protect more applications with advanced management and authentication tools
  • Lower overall total cost-of-ownership with tools that make the job of deploying two-factor authentication simple for  administrators and users
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