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Silver Spring: Smart Metering with SafeNet

Silver Spring: Smart Metering with SafeNet

555 Broadway Street
Redwood City, California 94063
United States
North America
Main Phone: +1 650 839 4000
+1 866 204 0200 Toll Free
Fax:+1 650 839 4329

About Silver Spring Networks

With more than ten years of experience, Silver Spring Networks is a leader in networking technologies that modernize today’s power grid. They have delivered more than 17.5 million Silver Spring-enabled devices, along with their software and services, to improve energy management and efficiency. With their open, standards-based, energy networking solutions, Silver Spring securely connects consumers and utility providers.  Silver Springs integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide users with a more secure smart metering solution.


Silver Springs provides standards-based networking solutions that enable smart energy devices, from in-home devices to smart meters and control devices. Silver Springs’ smart grid solutions integrate with SafeNet Luna SA HSM for a strongly secured smart metering and networking solution.

Integrated Application(s):

Smart Grid Solutions

Silver Spring Networks Smart Grid Solutions: Smart Metering with SafeNet Luna SA
Silver Spring Networks smart grid and smart metering solutions provide the configuration, management, and security functions utilities need to run their smart utility networks. Their open, standards-based networking solutions enable energy devices and networks to better connect homes and businesses directly with their local utility providers. To protect these networks and data, Silver Springs integrates SafeNet Luna SA HSM into their environment. SafeNet Luna SA brings additional security with its trusted approach to securing data through encryption and protecting the cryptographic keys. Luna SA HSM stores its keys inside a FIPS 140-2 validated, tamper-proof appliance that protects the entire key lifecycle. This in turn ensures the security of the digital keys and the encrypted data they protect.

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