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Pronit/Cardhall: Key Management with SafeNet

Pronit/Cardhall: Key Management with SafeNet

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+7 495 221 60 33
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About Pronit/Cardhall

PRONIT JSC was founded in 2004 within the Cardhall group of companies. The key expertise of PRONIT (Programming and New Information Technologies) is software development in the fields of plastic cards and web applications. PRONIT personalization and card service solutions are widely used in Russia and CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Over 15 million financial and ID cards, both magnetic stripe and smart types, are issued using PRONIT’s robust, extensible and flexible solutions. PRONIT’s System SmartDataCenter, SCPE, and Key Management partners with SafeNet ProtectServer Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide a more secure key management solution.


PRONIT/Cardhall solutions deliver information systems and web applications that serve users day after day. Their SmartDataCenter software solution enables data personalization and generation, and preparation for smart card-based applications. SmartDataCenter, SCPE, and Key Management partner with SafeNet ProtectServer HSM to provide users with a key management solution.

Integrated Application(s):

SmartDataCenter, SCPE, and Key Management System

Pronit/Cardhall SmartDataCenter, SCPE, and Key Management System: Key Management with SafeNet ProtectServer
PRONIT/Cardhall SmartDataCenter supplements initial data processing from the Back Office systems, supports magnetic stripe data generation with relevant parameters, and also manages cryptographic procedures of 3DES and RSA key calculation. Key management is an important task in the field of cryptographic security. These processes are secured by SafeNet ProtectServer HSM, which brings extra security to payment processes by providing secure crypto management functions. These functions safeguard user identity and provide authentication and encryption, ensuring safe access and data protection of smart card information during transactions.

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