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OpenTrust: Crypto Management with SafeNet

OpenTrust: Crypto Management with SafeNet

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About OpenTrust

OpenTrust was acquired by Keynectis, a European provider of software and cloud trust services, who then changed the company name to OpenTrust after the acquisition. The company develops software that protects the identities of people and devices and secures electronic transactions and documents. The company is a globally recognized Certificate Authority (CA) and has expanded its PKI offerings to include a Key Management System and other features.  To enhance the protection of digital data and processes, the OpenTrust  PKI Software Suite integrates with SafeNet Luna SA Hardware Security Module (HSM) to provide crypto security and management solutions.


Protecting enterprises’ information systems involves having a strong identification and identity management system. OpenTrust’s PKI solutions confirm user identity when they use passports or ID cards, and when data is exchanged or digital contracts are signed. As an added layer of protection to these identification elements, OpenTrust PKI Software Suite integrates with SafeNet Luna SA, a crypto management solution.

Integrated Application(s):

OpenTrust PKI Software Suite: Digital Signatures with SafeNet Luna SA

PKI Software Suite and Identity and Access Management with SafeNet Luna SA

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