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About Nutanix

Nutanix delivers web-scale converged infrastructure to medium and large enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, natively converging compute and storage into a single solution to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Customers can start with a few servers and scale to thousands, with predictable performance and economics. With a patented elastic data fabric and consumer-grade management, Nutanix is the blueprint for application-optimized and policy-driven infrastructure.

Integrated Application(s):

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform:Key Management and KeySecure

The Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform is a web-scale converged infrastructure solution that consolidates the compute (server) tier and the storage tier into a single, integrated appliance. This consolidated, modular approach to IT lets enterprises quickly build their infrastructure in response to their needs without disrupting operations or adversely affecting long term performance. Organization can use this building block design to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large cluster installations for server virtualization, virtualized business applications, virtual desktop initiatives, test and development environments, and big data (e.g. Splunk, Hadoop) projects. Nutanix secures data at rest in their modules through the use of self-encrypting drives (SED).

KeySecure integrates with the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform via the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) to store the encryption keys for each self-encrypting drive. Centralizing management for the an entire deployment of SEDs improves security by making key surveillance, rotation, and deletion easier, while also separating duties so that no single administrator is responsible for the entire environment. Additionally, unifying and centralizing policy management, logging, and auditing makes information more readily accessible which, in turn, makes demonstrating compliance with data governance requirements simple.

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