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NetSuite: SaaS and Web Apps with SafeNet

NetSuite: SaaS and Web Apps with SafeNet

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About NetSuite

NetSuite Inc. is a leading vendor of cloud computing business management software. The company helps businesses manage their core operations in a single system, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce. NetSuite works with SafeNet Authentication Manager to provide its customers with secure access to SaaS-based services and web apps.


NetSuite customers regularly access NetSuite services through SaaS-based web apps. These applications contain sensitive business information and measures that are needed to keep that data protected against theft and loss. SafeNet Authentication Manager brings a higher level of security to NetSuite users for secured access to their SaaS and web app services.

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NetSuite: SaaS and Web Apps with SafeNet Authentication Manager

NetSuite users require security and convenience when accessing their SaaS-based web applications. SafeNet Authentication Manager provides authentication and identity assurance by collecting each user’s credentials, evaluating these credentials, and then accepting them and allowing access, or, if invalid, prohibiting access.  SafeNet Authentication Manager provides this level of security for enhanced mobile access across WiFi channels, ensuring secure access to sensitive data in web applications.

Resources & Additional Information:

SafeNet Authentication Manager Integration Guide Using SAM as an Identity Provider for NetSuite

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