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NetMotion: WiFi with SafeNet

NetMotion: WiFi with SafeNet

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About NetMotion

NetMotion Wireless knows one of the most important foundations for a productive mobile workforce is ensuring secure, reliable, managed connectivity. NetMotion Mobility provides Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) software that lets companies build a secure and reliable mobile VPN tunnel. This gives organizations with mobile workforces the connectivity, visibility, and control needed to solve the common challenges of wireless computing. But this kind of mobile connectivity requires strong security, and for this, NetMotion Mobility Server 9.1 works with SafeNet authentication solutions to achieve protected WiFi functionalities.


Mobile workers want their mobile experience to have the same advantages as when they are in the office. NetMotion provides this ability with its Mobility Server. Along with the built-in security provided within Mobility Server, NetMotion integrates SafeNet Authentication Manager to provide an enhanced mobile access and WiFi security solution.


Integrated Application(s):

Mobility Server 9.1

NetMotion Mobility Server 9.1: WiFi with SafeNet Authentication Solutions

A key foundation for having a productive mobile deployment is ensuring secure, reliable, managed connectivity. The more mobile the worker, the more they rely on using their devices over multiple networks to get their jobs done. NetMotion Mobility® provides software that enables companies to build a mobile VPN tunnel over WiFi that their mobile workers can use reliably. SafeNet Authentication Service and SafeNet Authentication Manager both integrate with NetMotion Mobility Server 9.1 to provide additional security to that tunnel via strong authentication, which augments the existing network log on mechanism by requiring a secure dynamic, one-time password. 

Resources & Additional Information

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