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Monet+: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

Monet+: Digital Signatures with SafeNet

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About Monet+

The demand for secure electronic communication is increasing globally and across all market segments, and Monet+ solutions are designed to meet the demand. Monet+ provides solutions dealing with banking and proprietary payment systems, smart card and payment transaction technology, loyalty systems, PKI smart card solutions, card issuing and personalization. Their comprehensive services cover design to implementation and follow-up services, analysis, design studies, consultations and advice. Monet+ e-Toll Trend integrates with SafeNet ProtectServer Hardware Security Module (HSM) to secure digital signatures and payment transactions.


Monet solutions facilitate the use of electronic identity cards and papers, electronic signatures, multi-factor authentication methods, electronic banking and more. These services require the utmost security levels so Monet+ e-Toll Trend integrates with SafeNet ProtectServer to add extra security measures for digital signature solutions.

Integrated Application(s):

ASORS, eToll Trend

Monet+ ASORS, eToll Trend: Digital Signatures with ProtectServer
As electronic signatures are increasingly replacing handwritten ones, Monet+ solutions prevent unauthorized signing of documents and transactions and an essential part of this is the adequate protection of digital keys and keeping them private and safely stored. To this end, SafeNet ProtectServer integrates with Monet+ ASORS eToll Trend to provide stronger protection. With FIPS 140-2 level 3-validation, the ProtectServer PCI-compliant expansion card provides crypto management and security that safeguards digital keys against physical attacks and data theft.

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