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Cyber-Ark with SafeNet Data Protection

Cyber-Ark with SafeNet Data Protection

60 Wells Avenue
Newton, Massachusetts 02459
United States
North America
Main Phone: (617) 965-1544
Fax:(617) 965-1644

About Cyber-Ark

CyberArk works to provide security and risk management solutions that aid compliance efforts and protect against cyber threats - ie, advanced threat protection, insider threat protection, audit and compliance, industrial control systems security and compliance, and cloud security and compliance.

CyberArk Digital Vault, a hardened server that segregates duties, integrates with SafeNet Etoken PRO and Luna SA HSM (hardware security module) to provide secure key storage and protection and data protection solutions.


As part of its focus on targeting cyber threats, CyberArk provides The Digital Vault, an isolated, hardened server that segregates duties while offering high availability, disaster recovery, and protection through multiple layers of security. One of these additional security layers consists of two SafeNet products: Luna SA HSM, a tamper-proof hardware appliance that protects the transfer of data and SafeNet Etoken, a leading USB smart card token that protects certificate-based security applications by requiring pre-boot authentication and digital signatures.

Integrated Application(s):

Digital Vault

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